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Member to Member Connection: How to Get Involved in ASHRAE

Watch 2021–22 ASHRAE President Mick Schwedler chat with ASHRAE members Steph Kunkel and Nicolas Lemire to hear directly the personal and professional benefits of building and sustaining industry networks within ASHRAE.

ASHRAE's 2021-22 Presidential Address

Mr. Mick’s theme for the 2021-22 ASHRAE Society Year is “Personal Growth. Global Impact. Feed the Roots.”

Presentation abstract: Who are the people that invested in you, encouraged you and helped you grow? Who will you give back to and invest in? “Personal Growth. Global Impact. Feed the Roots.” explores ASHRAE’s expansive root system from the Society’s founding to its extraordinary global growth and impact to the built environment. Three sets of roots were established to help members grow – member-to-member connections, grassroots chapters and regions, and technology. The presentation examines how ASHRAE cultivates these deep, widespread, and strong roots to collectively provide global benefits today as well as for future generations.


In my short period of life, I could understand one thing very clearly that sustainability protects our natural environment, human and ecological health. Let us be driven by innovation in a sustainable world while not compromising our way of life”

Mr. Dessy Thomas Philip

President, Ashrae Bahrain Chapter

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